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Statehood Day In Hawaii

Polticians and women dancing a hula ride in a parade celebrating Hawaiian statehood in 1959. The governor rides in Caddy with extreme tailfins. A man and a woman hold an American flag with fifty stars.

Duration33 sec
DateAugust 21 1959
KeywordsOren Long, Senator Fong, United States Flag, vintage, man, hawaii, wave, William F. Quinn, statehood, Politician, men, Male, waving, spectator, dancers, dancer, cadillac, Politics, Governor Quinn, Hawaii, Vintage, ethnic dress, person, Man, United States flag, Celebration, hawaiian, hula dancing, Hawaiian, politician, tail fins, car, Wave, twentieth century, celebration, parade, Hiram Fong, 20th century, float, politics, male, Senator, Cadillac, senator, name, Dancing, auto, dancing, Men, flag, Cadillac convertible, Car